Knowledge centres

For any large business seeking to understand more about Australia's climate policy position and the broader risks and opportunities associated with climate change, our knowledge centres provide critical insights and advice.  


Ahead of the 2017 Climate Policy Review, Energetics provided analysis and advice to the Federal Government to assist in the framing of the Review's terms of reference.


Energetics has revised the national emissions reduction trajectory in our latest report ‘Tracking Australia’s emissions to 2020 and implications for 2030’.


As climate change presents significant and growing fiduciary duties for Boards and corporate governance issues for executive teams of large emitting businesses, Energetics provides insights and guidance. 


The centrepiece of Direct Action is the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF). Energetics wrote a number of the project methodologies and provided technical advice to the Government in the design phases.  Key features of the ERF and advice for different sectors can be found in this centre.


At a time of high energy prices and market volatility, ensuring that maximum value is extracted from every dollar spent on energy has never been more important.  Measures that improve a business' energy productivity also offer some of the lowest cost ways to achieve emissions reductions.  


The historic Paris Global Climate Agreement has changed the course of climate action.  Now in effect and ratified by more than 120 nations, we outline the features of the Agreement.  This information centre also contains the CEO Guide to Climate Action developed by Sustainable Business Australia (SBA) in collaboration with Energetics.