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Energy makes up a significant percentage of operating costs for many businesses. Over the past decade as the cost of energy in Australia has steadily increased, there has been considerable focus on improving the efficiency of energy usage to drive down costs.

A focus on energy productivity identifies ways to “increase the economic value added per unit of energy used and dollar of energy spent” (Australian Alliance to Save Energy and Energetics, 2015).  Unlocking this potential value for Australian business was most recently recognised as a priority in the Department of Industry and Science’s Energy White Paper, which identified energy productivity as one of its three major themes.

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Energetics' Jonathan Jutsen is Chairman of the Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE) and a member of the 2XEP Steering Committee.  He regularly posts on LinkedIn to share his insights into the opportunity for Australia in doubling our energy productivity. 

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Driving energy productivity improvements across Australia’s industry sectors

Energetics has been working with the Australian Alliance to Save Energy and leading research into the energy productivity potential for Australia across a number of major sectors.  A series of industry papers have been developed as follows:  

 •  mining

 •  manufacturing

 •  agriculture

 •  passenger transport

 •  buildings and commercial


Energetics can help your business lift energy productivity and become more competitive

Energetics has long seen energy management measures create a ‘multiplier effect’ in the businesses of our clients.  Process improvements can drive increased labour and production outputs, and the implementation of new technologies can positively impact maintenance costs.

There are three elements to an energy productivity program:

 •  traditional energy program management

 •  systems optimisation

 •  business model transformation

Contact Energetics about evolving your energy management program to create new productivity benefits for your business.  


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