Water Corporation (WA) Business Program

Water Corporation recognises the importance of water conservation in WA/Australia and has set a key focus on Water efficiency.

Key Facts

Client: Water Corporation (WA)
Location: Western Australia
Industry: Water Supply Sewage Drain
Project: Business Program
Lead consultant: Mike Jones


WA's state water strategy calls for strong community, government and industry partnerships and Water Corporation has set a high priority on encouraging water-use efficiency as part of this drive to improving relationships generally and to understand customer business needs.

Water Corporations Market Development Group recently conducted as pilot program among five major customers in the hotels, industry, health and leisure sectors to encourage small to medium size customer to undertake self-assessment of the water use and the development of sustainable water reduction strategies.

The pilot program used Energetics' powerful diagnostic software tool, Water Achiever, which recorded high levels of user satisfaction in terms of relevance to their business and value in understanding and improving water management. Participants also expressed a high level of satisfaction that the Water Corporation was enhancing business relationships through the use of Water Achiever.

The Water Achiever program is now being expanded to a further 50 business customer across Water Corporation's network.

We liked the management approach of Water Achiever and the ability to strengthen relationships with decision makers. The process encourages stakeholder involvement from within our business customers and enables us to identify the barriers to improvement in water management within each of our customers.

We are using the process as a part of our regular meetings with customers.