One2Five used in Sydney Water's Every Drop Counts Business Program

Sydney Water's Every Drop Counts (EDC) Business program won the Stockholm Industry Water Award in recognition of its work with business, industry and government to reduce water use and ensure the long-term sustainability of Sydney's water supply. Energetics One2FiveĀ® Water management diagnostic was one of many tools used in the program. The program embeds water efficiency into businesses by combining technical and management elements to create sustainable solutions.

Key Facts

Lead consultant: Mike Jones


Program outcomes

  • Over 400 large water using customers signed up. Saving over 40ML/d of water.
  • Continuous improvement process embedded in business customer water management culture.
  • Critical action list provided to customers to pursue improved performance.
  • A consistent approach maintained across multiple organisations to ensure appropriate water management is embedded in clients' organisations.
  • Demonstrated sustainable water management performance.


Sydney Water delivers essential and sustainable water services for the benefit of the community. Sydney Water provides drinking water, recycled water, wastewater services and some stormwater services to more than four million people in Sydney, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains. Drinking water is sourced from a network of dams managed by the Sydney Catchment Authority, then treated and delivered to customers' homes and businesses by Sydney Water. Sydney Water also sources drinking water from the desalination plant.

Sydney Water is Australia's largest water utility with over 3,200 staff and an area of operations covering 12,700 km2.

Project objectives

Sydney Water’s Every Drop Count’s Business Program aims to reduce water usage and costs for businesses in the Sydney region. It offers free one on one partnership to large commercial, and industrial businesses who use more than 80,000 litres of water a day, and also helps local governments and smaller business through targeted water conservation programs.

Sydney Water and Energetics collaborated to tailor One2Five® to develop an effective continuous improvement solution that meets the objectives of the EDC program.


The challenge for Sydney Water is to ensure sustained savings are achieved within the business sector. Traditionally the technical solution to improve water efficiency revolved around a water audit. Typically, a water audit was conducted and water use quantified, yet uptake of water reduction initiatives was limited.

In consultation with Energetics, Sydney Water identified a management systems approach as the missing element. Addressing business behaviour and needs combined with the technical solution leads to a sustainable solution.

Energetics’ Approach

Energetics worked with Sydney Water on the redesign of the program. The revised program incorporated a mixture of technical, management and communication based approaches to sustainable water management.

As part of the EDC program, Sydney Water provided its customers with management diagnostic assessments using One2Five® Water. Facilitated by Energetics in a face-to-face workshop, the diagnostic assessment provided businesses with a concise analysis of their business’ current performance (based on a one to five star rating), benchmarking information and a prioritised action plan.


Sydney Water’s Every Drop Counts Business Program is now the leading water management program in Australia. The methodology used Energetics One2Five® amongst other tools, to engage businesses in improved water management practices.

The business program has over 400 participants, saving greater than 40ML/d being Sydney Water’s most cost effective demand management program.

Sydney Water won the 2006 Stockholm Industry Water Award in recognition of its work with business, industry and government to reduce water use and ensure the long-term sustainability of Sydney's water supply.