Sydney Water's Every Drop Counts - Macquarie Asset Services Limited

Macquarie Asset Services Limited (MASL) manages 36 commercial buildings within Australia for the Macquarie Office Trust and the Macquarie Direct Property Fund.

Key Facts

Client: Macquarie Asset Services Limited
Location: Sydney
Industry: Finance and Insurance
Project: Sydney Water Every Drop Counts
Lead consultant: Mike Jones


With 17 of these properties located in New South Wales, MASL joined the Every Drop Counts (EDC) Business Program in August 2002 to ensure it played a positive role in helping conserve Sydney’s water supply.

By raising tenant awareness and working with Sydney Water and Knight Frank Facilities Management, the providers of building management services for most of the properties, MASL went from a 2-star to a 5-star
rating under the One2Five Water management diagnostic.

Reaching a 5-star rating took four diagnostic sessions with Sydney Water. At each session, MASL showed a 1-star improvement in the performance of the properties. The staff realised they could steadily work towards achieving the next star by focusing on five critical actions from each session.

A key factor in MASL’s success is the responsibility given to Knight Frank Facilities Management.

One of the key challenges faced by MASL was supporting staff awareness of effective water management. MASL continues to hold regular training sessions for Knight Frank Facilities Management staff through a range of mediums including industry presentations, newsletters, meetings and guest speakers. This keeps the momentum for MASL’s water initiatives.

By giving specific KPI responsibilities to Knight Frank Facilities Management staff and regularly reviewing
their performance, MASL has successfully ensured Knight Frank Facilities Management staff remain motivated to deliver effective water management.

Another challenge has been developing a reporting process that delivers improvements in water management through benchmarking and monitoring performance.

MASL is putting in place a monthly utility reporting system that tracks the water use for each property in
kL/m2 and in kL/person.

Monthly property meetings are held to review performance, with appropriate actions identified to ensure continuous improvements are made in both water and other utility use.


Formal reporting is provided quarterly to the Macquarie Office Trust and the Macquarie Direct Property Fund management through Strategic Asset Management Reports and to shareholders through the Trust’s annual reports.

MASL’s commitment to best practice water management is shown through the improved water use of the properties which have achieved a steady drop in total water use over the past five years. The graph on the right shows the progress made over the past five years.

Market Street Sydney

One of MASL’s biggest success stories is 2 Market Street, Sydney. This commercial property is mostly used as office space with some supporting retail tenancies.

In 2004, the water use at this property was over 230 kL/d with a benchmark of 2.42 kL/m2/year. Current Sydney Water best practice water use for such a building is 0.77 kL/m2/year.

Over the past three years, improved water management, ongoing monitoring and water efficient refurbishments have greatly reduced the building’s water use. In 2007, the property was extended to include more office space and a new fitness centre.

MASL has ensured water demand for the site increased by only a small amount, with water efficiency a key element of the design and construction of the extension. By June 2007, benchmarked water use been reduced by an impressive 56 per cent, down to 1.06 kL/m2/year.

MASL has achieved a reduction in water use as One2Five Star rating increases.