Sydney Water's Every Drop Counts Business Program

The Every Drop Counts (EDC) Business Program has been working with commercial, industrial and government customers since 2001.

Key Facts

Client: Sydney Water
Location: Sydney
Industry: Water Supply Sewage Drain
Project: Every Drop Counts
Lead consultant: Mike Jones

The program helps customers become more water efficient by identifying cost effective technical solutions and providing a framework to improve water management. Generally, the program works with large water using customers. The program has 400 large water using customers who have made savings since 2001 of 38.6 ML a day from identified opportunities of 77.6 ML a day.

A key part of the work with large water users is the One2Five Water management diagnostic. This process analyses non-technical measures needed for businesses to achieve sustainable water management and ongoing efficiencies. Each One2Five session results in a star rating that helps businesses benchmark their water management against others and five actions critical to improving water management.

EDC are committed to continuously redefining best practice water efficiency through innovation and working hand in hand with the business community. Our extensive range of management, technical and support tools help commercial, industrial, manufacturing, hospitality, and government customers achieve greater water efficiency.

The EDC now also works with small and medium water users through targeted water efficiency programs.
The amount and proportion of water supplied to Sydney Water’s business customers is shown in the two graphs.

Source: WSAA Occasional Paper No.23 - Case studies in commercial and industrial water savings