Qantas saves millions with Energetics’ first class utility management services

For almost ten years, Energetics has supported Qantas' programs across its Environmental Priority Areas which aim to lower greenhouse gas emissions and achieve efficiencies in utility and resource management.

Key Facts

Client: Qantas
Location: Australia
Industry: Aviation
Project: Utility management services
Lead consultant: Tim Grigg
Energy savings: > $900,000 per year
Payback: Immediate

Environmental leadership

The Qantas Group has a long history of leading environmental sustainability in its industry.  In 2012 Qantas was duly recognised, winning the Banksia Environmental Award for Leading in Sustainability – setting the standard for large organisations.

At the foundation of any environmental sustainability program is comprehensive, audit-quality data.
Supporting Qantas in its environmental objectives over the past decade, Energetics has delivered data management services, provided assistance for energy and greenhouse reporting and helped Qantas access government energy savings incentive schemes.

Your strength is your people. I couldn’t survive without Energetics. 

Sherif Awadalla, Qantas

One of the core services we provide is utility data management. Our systems and associated services automate the collection, validation and reporting of Qantas’ utility data covering electricity, gas and water.

In 2011 Qantas added waste validation and reporting to the existing service with Energetics.

Energetics’ approach

The Energetics team enables Qantas to realise savings, optimise cash flow and track their environmental performance. In addition, the data is used to identify energy and waste savings opportunities and drive environmental initiatives.

Delivering savings from utility bills

The combination of Energetics’ systems and services provides Qantas with visibility into their utility metrics, including costs and usage at both the account and meter level.

With our specialist knowledge and software, we can validate an organisation’s utility charges.  Invoices and data are analysed and any billing errors identified are resolved with the supplier to realise cost savings.

For Qantas’ electricity, gas and water, we examine the usage and charges applied by the utility.  Billing exceptions are investigated and corrective actions are taken. 

For waste reporting, Energetics provides validation of waste data and the costs associated with its disposal by account, location and waste type.

Optimising utility payments and cash flow

Energetics provides Qantas with a weekly payment file which is directly uploaded into their accounts payable system.  Bills containing errors are eliminated and only bills that are validated as ‘good to pay’ are forwarded to accounts payable.
Active management of utility billing helps Qantas budget and accrue for spending to optimise their cash flow.

Tracking environmental performance

Qantas can confidently report their environmental performance, as the data is readily audited for mandatory and voluntary schemes such as NGERS, EEO and FTSE4Good.

Valuable outcomes

Through Energetics’ ongoing utility management service, Qantas saves close to a million dollars each year.

For example, Energetics’ bill validation team discovered that Qantas were billed for an electricity account several months after the account had been closed.  A bill of $215k was presented to Qantas in error by the supplier.

In another example at a Qantas hangar, Energetics was able to obtain a refund in excess of $390k from the waste water utility on behalf of Qantas.

Waste water charges may be complex as the utility can apply multiple charges such as volumes, concentration and mass of pollutants, pH and even temperature of the waste water. For Qantas this is critical at a number of sites that are large water users. 

Cash flow savings of $2.4 million

Energetics identified duplicate bills from a single utility to the value of $2.4 million. We liaised with the supplier to ensure that the charges were reversed.

2012 data set passes NGERS audit

Energetics provided Qantas with its 2012 data set covering electricity, gas and waste use. Our process and the resulting data sets were audited by one of the ‘Big 4’ accounting firms without any corrective actions identified.

Proven experience

Energetics continues to deliver data stewardship and bill error savings to Qantas across its utility portfolio.

Each month Energetics receives and validates around four hundred utility bills and five hundred waste accounts for Qantas.

Our collaborative approach ensures a continued focus on identifying savings and supporting Qantas to implement innovative, leading solutions to meet its energy and carbon management challenges.