Leader in sustainable building management uses Energetics to manage energy data and costs

Energetics’ energy and utility data management services support Investa’s industry leading achievements in reducing resource usage across their commercial property portfolio. Over the past decade, Investa’s practical approach to sustainability has focused on measureable results and transparency with stakeholders. Energetics provides the data management, reporting platform and utility management supporting the establishment of baselines, setting targets, and sustainability reporting.

Key Facts

Client: Investa Property Group
Industry: Commercial Buildings
Project: Energy and utility data management
Lead consultant: David Martenson
Energy savings: 30% in 9 years


Project identification

Investa’s commitment to energy and resource efficiency has earned them multiple awards, including a two-time win of the Award for Environment at the Ethical Investor’s Australian Sustainability Awards. The award recognises leadership, achievement and innovation in the area of environmental management, and in particular recognises an 8 year track record of increasingly comprehensive, independently assured, environmental performance data.

In 2003, Investa selected Energetics to support Investa’s sustainability commitment and vision. Since then, Energetics has supported Investa’s achievements through systematic collection of energy and utility data across 45 sites, translation into comparable formats and units, and provision of energy and carbon reporting at various levels of the organisation from a trusted source.

Energetics’ approach

Energetics’ energy data management system and associated services automates Investa’s collection, validation, and reporting of data from electricity, natural gas, water and waste, providing visibility and transparency of energy usage and spend across the organisation.

The dataset provides a critical foundation for systematically setting energy reduction targets and data preparedness for regulatory reporting.

We address Investa’s objectives through:

  • Centralised energy and carbon database - Reliable, accurate and robust data recording for energy, water, waste greenhouse gases and related financial expenditure providing the foundation for reporting additional resources such as travel, paper and waste data.
  • Regulatory reporting - Meet regulatory reporting requirements, such as National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act.
  • Internal sustainability reporting - Internal quarterly sustainability and energy efficiency reporting.
  • Organisational reporting – energy and sustainability reporting.

Valuable outcomes    

In partnership with Energetics, Investa has achieved:

  • systematic and auditable data collection for NGER reporting.
  • baseline and reference data for NABERS assessments
  • annual savings of 0.6% of utility spend through Energetics’ multi-point validation process which identifies incorrect invoices.
  • $2.5Million in annual savings from optimised electricity procurement.
  • confidence in a centralised energy and utility database, as a source of information for quarterly sustainability reporting, electricity and gas procurement, and ad-hoc reporting.

Rigorous energy data management has allowed Investa to accurately track the contribution to their bottom line. Over the past 9 years, Investa has realised a 30% reduction in electricity consumption across their building portfolio, and a 49% reduction in natural gas usage

Proven Experience

Energetics has extensive experience in data management and reporting solutions that encompasses:

  • a proven and robust data capture, management and reporting platform.
  • a dedicated data management team integrated within Australia’s leading energy and greenhouse consultancy.
  • 10 years experience in managing energy and environmental data and reporting for many of Australia’s leading organisations.

Our data management services are supported by over 100 consultants Australia-wide who design, implement and measure energy and carbon management solutions.