Energetics’ Sustainability Report


Year Ending March 2012

Sustainability has been a part of the culture of Energetics from the time we opened our doors for business nearly 30 years ago. Our people are passionate about reducing industry’s greenhouse emissions, achieving improvements in energy efficiency and helping Australian businesses make the transition to a low carbon economy. In the field of carbon and energy management, the expertise of our  people is unparalleled in Australia and our influence is considerable. We work  with the majority of the ASX200 companies, and some of Australia’s largest emitters. Our clients’ emissions made up more than 40% of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme scope 1 inventory in the July 2010 to June 2011 reporting year.

Our Year Ending March 2012 (YEM12) Energetics’ Sustainability Report describes our  activities and achievements over the reporting year across the three principal aspects of sustainability as defined under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI): economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Throughout this report we’ve been mindful of the need to provide a balanced view  of our business’ progress in sustainability. There are  achievements that we’re proud to highlight,  and we can also point to our business strategy which includes sustainability initiatives that align with the three GRI-defined aspects of sustainability. One of the four theme areas of our business strategy, “People and Culture” has a number of projects relating to Energetics’ employees, community and our environmental responsibilities, and is led by our CEO, Tony Cooper.

We need to acknowledge however, that while  the pursuit of sustainability is a clear characteristic of our  culture, our environmental performance within  our  own business operations, specifically the absence of environmental targets, is an area we need to improve. Our report documents a series  of targets and planned projects to focus our  organisation’s efforts and ensure that the formal management of sustainability matches the enthusiasm, energy and passion displayed by our  people.