Jody Asquith

Principal Consultant

Jody is a mechanical engineer having been with Energetics for over nine years. Her work for Energetics has been vast and includes experience in compiling greenhouse and energy inventories and NGER compliant reporting, NPI reporting, facilitation and support of Energy Efficiency programs as well as providing assistance during the GGAS/ESS accreditation and audit processes. Jody is an integral part of the business and also leads the ‘compliance, reporting and audit solution team’. In her current role, she has been part of numerous projects that have included greenhouse gas management, energy efficiency and verification. Through her advisory and audit work, Jody has acquired a thorough understanding of all sectors giving her unique insight into the best practices for each. Jody is an experienced lead auditor under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme and is also a Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditor, Category 1 (Technical).

Jody specialises in compliance, reporting and greenhouse and energy audit. As a mechanical engineer, she applies her technical understanding of systems and processes to help clients navigate various carbon and energy schemes and programs in order to achieve compliance as well as deriving “beyond compliance” value from their investment.  Through NGER, Energy Efficiency Opportunities and greenhouse and energy audit projects, Jody has worked with many of Australia’s largest energy users, with complex greenhouse gas reporting requirements.

Jody is an experienced greenhouse and energy auditor, having conducted verifications and assurance audits under the NGER Act, NSW Energy Savings Scheme and former NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme and Greenhouse Friendly program.