Andrew Tipping

Principal Consultant

Andrew leads the Transport, Infrastructure and Construction Sector at Energetics, advising clients on a range of carbon, energy and sustainability issues. He is a renewable energy specialist and supports clients in developing and implementing projects across their portfolios. In addition to renewables, Andrew also provides carbon management solutions to corporate clients including carbon/energy strategies, NGER services, NSW ESS advice and carbon abatement and mitigation assessments. 

Andrew develops, manages and delivers consulting projects across a range of subject areas, specialising in renewable energy and carbon management. Within Energetics he manages clients across the Transport, Infrastructure and Construction sector and is the key account manager for Qantas. Andrew leads much of the renewable energy work provided by Energetics advising from a technical, commercial and procurement perspective. In addition to Renewables, Andrew also advises clients on strategic carbon management, sustainability programme development, participation in the NSW ESS, NGER reporting and compliance and GHG mitigation/abatement projects. 

News articles by Andrew Tipping

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