SBA: Capturing Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction opportunities


“The time for action is now.”

Energetics is proud to partner with SBA to present a business briefing on 'The reality of ambition' - Capturing Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction opportunities post the COP21 Paris Agreement. Our very own Dr Peter Holt was the keynote speaker for this event.

The briefing covered the universal call for society to deliver on its promise to implement the Paris Agreement – which will enter into force 30 days after 55 countries, accounting for at least 55% of global emissions, sign and ratify. To date, more than 170 countries have signed but only 16 have ratified. Clearly, there is more work to do. One critical step that all countries will need to take is to set an ambitious, credible and robust national 2030 target.  Much debate has ensued about Australia's current target settings.

Recently into this debate came the Energetics’ report, Modelling and analysis of Australia's abatement opportunities, released in early May, which attracted considerable media coverage and debate.This SBA BUSINESS BRIEFING looks at the 'what and how'' - what will it take for all actors to collaborate to make the Paris Agreement a reality and do what’s needed to remain under the 2°C limit, and how will Australia play a substantive and purposive role.


Photos from event

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