Sustainable Brands 2016 Sydney


2016 marks the first year the SB community will gather in Australia! This event focuses on building upon the HOW NOW theme to prompt leaders to actively apply the know HOW to shift business towards a more flourishing future NOW.

This three day event held in Sydney comprised of 31 seminars which included insights from over 85 world-class faculty of thought leaders and practitioners who are demonstrating the many ways that brands can benefit by leading the path to a flourishing future.

Energetics' CEO Tony Cooper was invited to speak at this event in the 'Renewable Energy: A Mainstream View and Disrupter View' session. This session revolved around why should consumers bother to think about clean, sustainable energy? When we look at today’s sustainable energy (wind and solar, and even emerging, like storage and battery technology) it is emerging as the cheapest energy that you can get today, and the community thinks that NOW is the time that we should be thinking of ways to improve our energy needs for sustainability resiliency. Tony's presentation deck can be downloaded below with a transcript of his speaking notes.

Photos from event

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Tony Cooper's presentation from the Sustainable Brands conference



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